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Freedom Ministries was born from the heart of Dr. Dean Melton from Charlotte, NC, as he found that he had a heart for pastors of small churches.  


In the last 30 years, he has put such ambition and energy into fellowshipping and strengthening fellow pastors and leadership. Freedom Christian Center grew from a single main church to a fellowship of several churches and Bible Colleges in the US, Mexico, Nicaragua and Jamaica.


Freedom Christian Ministries covers churches and ministers in North & South Carolina, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Cuba, Philippines, Peru & Africa. His heart and compassion for people is evident in his selfless and endless giving of his time, talents and resources to the Kingdom of God. 

Dr. Melton is a refreshing change to the complacency and lethargy of many in the religious community. His 30+ years of Apostolic ministry has literally effected the nations.  As Senior Pastor of Freedom Christian Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, his mandate is to one day oversee 100 FCC churches in America and 100 overseas.


In an effort to unify and promote Freedom Ministries, Freedom Connections was founded in 2015 to assist Apostle Melton in his desire to increase the number of churches around the world.  

Visit this link to learn more about Freedom Connections and news and events happening at FCC churches here around the world.



United States


  • Jamaica

  • Managua, Nicaragua

  • Las Maderas, Nicaragua

  • Acuna Mexico

  • Bauta, Cuba

  • Nigeria, West Africa

  • The Congo of Africa

  • Cameroon, Africa

  • Philippines

  • Peru


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