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Dean & Georgia Melton

Loves God; loves his wife and family; never met a stranger; loves people; shepherd; motivator - sometimes instigator; pillar; faithful; apostle, prophet, pastor and teacher; anointed man of God. These phrases only begin to describe our pastor. He is so much more than this…

When asked around the church for words that described him, the answers we got were loyal, committed, good for his word, fun loving, and most of all a hard worker.

Dr. Dean Melton was born in 1945 and has been married for 45 years to Mrs. Georgia.  They have 2 children, Wanda and Ronnie, and 1 grandson, Justin. They have also adopted a couple sons along the way, Kelly and Dustin.


Senior Pastors

His heart is for pastors of small churches. Since 1985, he has put such ambition and energy into fellowshipping and strengthening fellow pastors and leadership. Freedom Christian Center has gone from a single church to a fellowship of several churches and Bible Colleges in the US, Mexico, Nicaragua and Jamaica.He teaches and holds fast to the conviction that the Word of God works and will work wherever people will grab hold of it and work it. We have had testimonies of the dead raised, the sick healed and even food growing in volcanic ash on the island of Ometepe, Nicaragua.

Darey & Karen Jolley

The Jolleys, founders and directors of the FCC Mission Program, Ambassadors to the Nations since 1992, serve as full time missionaries, touching lives all over the world.  Young and old alike have had life transformations through their efforts.   

However, their service to Freedom Christian Center began many years before, working tirelessly to support the work of the church.  Currently, they oversee the leadership team, minister on Sundays and Wednesday nights when needed and promote the church everywhere they go.

They have been married since April, 1985 and have one daughter, Lisa, who is married to BJ Sullivan and have 2 beautiful grandchildren, Ava and Judah.

Associate Pastors

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